Best online and offline game mini to play mini

 I will tell you about a game that can be played both online and offline. The name of this game is Mini Militia - You can easily find this game on google play store and install this game from there. This is a very awesome game. When you open this game, first you will be asked to login with Gmail. You can login with Gmail as you wish and also play as a guest. The game will immediately ask you to click on the battle button. As soon as you click this button, your match will start. In the first match you have to play with other players. After completing this match you will get a create. In which you will get many gifts. All gifts include songs, dresses, money etc. You will be given a designation while playing this game. As you level up, you will be promoted to higher ranks.

With every match played you will get some points. Your game will label up with these points. After starting another BATTLE you will be shown many areas. These places will unlock as you level up. Then you can select any place of your choice and play the match. After you level up you can play team deathmatch. In Team deathmatch you will be given three players on your team and three players on your opposite team. The team with more points will be the winner. You can also customize your character as you like. You can upgrade your gun from the Weapon option. Moreover, in this game you will get a chance to play custom. You can play custom with all your known friends

You can also play this game offline. Offline you will get practice mode and survival mode. You can play any mode you like. You can play this game by logging into Google or Facebook. So that even if you uninstall the game later you will get this ID. You don't need to open a new Kone ID. Also you can play the game with your preferred settings from settings. You can add anyone as a friend from the friends option. You can invite anyone and play a match with them. Again from store option you can buy any create of your choice with game money. There you will find many dresses, songs etc. Moreover, the controlling of this game is very easy and the graphics are very beautiful and attractive. People of any age can easily play this game and spend time playing this game.

You will like the game because it you can play online and offline then you can play this app very easily you think alone but then you don't think what to do then you can play this game very easily from now playing the game but You will learn your musicA little wisdom will come to your head when you win a match of the game then you will like it a lot if you go if you go one level then you can buy many things again you can select math through these which game is for you the game you will like the game a lot See why the name is played Once Through you but the level will increase and as the level increases but you get a lot of coins coins get but any game you again if these can be bought skills then the story is different I hope you will like this game you can watch the game play and the joy is about Are you any of Map you can select through the game with you but two others will also play you will have three months then you played the game. Through this game, you learned by head shot. In this game, you will have an assistant with you while playing with you, someone will guard you all the Time If attacked he will help you to fight

All in all the game is very effective for your entertainment. Anyone can play this game very easily. This game is one of the medium for your entertainment. You will be provided maximum security while playing this game. Hope you like this game. If you like this game, you must always support us and be by our side. thank you.

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