Best phone protector app WTMP - Who Touched My Phone?//How to use WTMP -Who Touched My Phone

 Today I will tell you about an app that lets you know who has tried to open your phone. The app is called WTMP-Who Touched My  Phone.  if someone enters the wrong password on your phone, your phone's camera will take a picture of the wrong password.

You might lock your phone with a password because you don't want anyone else to see your phone data. If you put your phone somewhere they will try to unlock your phone with wrong password. So if they enter the wrong password there, your phone will take a picture of your phone camera through this app, then you can see it and if someone else knows your password, he will unlock your phone and take a picture of it and you can see it in this app. through If you download this app then if someone wants to open your phone lock with wrong password or if he wants to open your phone password then the phone camera will take a picture and you can see it later

If you have a problem, you have a private picture in your phone, or you have personal information that you don't want to show to anyone else, or your phone's password is being unlocked and other people know it on your phone, you are very upset with this app. can see Who is trying to unlock your phone or unlocking his picture but with this app you can see 65 if you have kids at home who are playing a lot of games on your phone and you are tired of it you want them not to touch your phone but they are yours If you hold the phone and always run the Phone Through this app, you can see when they are using the phone or when they are trying to open the lock. By April I am on your phone if someone tries to enter the wrong password and if someone enters the correct password it will also show him but if you don't want him to pick up the password that he knows but if he picks up but you don't understand who picked up then but You can see it very easily by downloading it Who saw that.He will take his picture in the app even if he opens your password and hacks your phone but through you you can see that but he can't open that app you don't know he knows your password only you know then he will never be able to open this app then you His picture comes too open can't delete then you can easily see later who actually unlocked the phone april secondary com then you are protecting the phone because you don't want to see anything private but you can download yours why if someone see your phone If you want to take his Picture You will know who actually tried to unlock your phone

If you want to download the app then search the playstore with wtmp then install it after installation click opening after opening you will see next button then click next button then click next button then click next button again then again next button Click on finish option, click on finish option, then there will be setting option, then click on setting, after clicking on finance, click on app entry app, after clicking, you will need to enter the Password After giving it if you want to give fingerprint password then it's your business if you don't want to give it then don't give it it's only about you if you don't want to give finger block then don't give it. Then go to the back and you will see Limit of report there is an option where you can touch it and set it to 300. After entering three hundred, it will come back, then you will see there is a failed unlock attempts monitoring option, click on the on button, then you will see that there is an active option, click on that option, then click on the OK button, then click on Fail Attend Before Photo and click on attempt. give then back up from there back up you will see there is a mark after pressing ok it will come click on ok again you will see ok after clicking on asbk you will see there are many apps among all those apps wtmp app will be off you will turn it on then you will turn on an on He did

This way, now your job is how to see who the person tried to steal your phone and enter again. If someone tries to change the lock of your phone, you will be able to see it because the camera on the phone will take a picture of it. Enter from among youClick on the first password you entered that tried to unlock your phone. .You can easily see who locked you by unlocking them. No one else can run the app except you because you know a password no one else knows the app more than you can run the app.

All in all, this app is very useful for you. You can easily know who tried to unlock your mobile or unlocked your mobile with this app. As a result, all your information will be protected. Also this app is very easy to use. You will be provided maximum security while using this app. Hope you like this app. If you like this app, you must always support us and stay by our side.

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