Do Yow Now Your All Security // Go To Your Security As A People Of Bangladesh

 We will tell you how to save and register vaccinations at home through this app. The app is security.

Download the app, select the language you want to download, Bangla or English, then you will see three options, below that you will see the application for vaccine, click on that option, then you will see that the identity verification option has appeared, below that, you will see select the type, then you will see that there are many Options Citizen registration 25 years click on that option.If your age is less than 25 years then you can not apply then give your identity card with National ID then give your date of birth then you will see your voter ID card name then give your mobile number after retirement your current Address At the address you come to, the district department from where you will take the vaccine will give it to you through that option, then you will give it at a later time, then you will see that there will be such an option in the center that is willing to vaccinate, then you will click on the place from where you will take it, you will see it written "I swear Korea" Saying that, thisAll the information mentioned in the form is complete to the best of my knowledge and belief "Put a tick mark there then give the next one after that a code will go to the number you have given then give crore then it is written on your mobile phone through the mobile number with all the date and address will Give you will try to put the SIM on which SIM you will receive the message and on the SIM of the previous SIM, but the code will come with the code

After entering the app, there will be two sims, another one is to generate the deksin, then you will click on home, after clicking on home, you will see four options, then you will click on the option to receive vaccination card, then it will ask for national identity card number, then you will give your national identity card number, then your date of birth. The date will goSo you give your date of birth, while giving the date, you first give the month tag, then the date of birth, then the year, click OK, then click on what you want, then the number will go to the number you registered with, a code will come to the number, after entering the code, write the code. VerifyClick on the option to see and then you will see your contractor's details, you will see that there is a save option, click on it, after downloading, you will see that your vaccination card has been saved. You can save your vaccination card through the app

If you want that you will be protected by passport then you can register it but you can for that all you have to do is you will see selection in the protection app there is a little option click on that option then you will see national identity card then date of birth then passport Bangladesh workerIf there is an option, you will click on Passport Bangladesh Worker option, if abroad you will give foreign country and if not abroad, you will give foreign Bangladesh Worker option, select passport name and password number, but only those who have registered in BMD can open it with passport, then the cigaretteClick on verify with code option, then you will give your mobile number, then you will give the address where you will take the vaccine, then you will enter the mobile number in the mobile number, your registration is done, but if you collect the address with the passport passportIf you want, click on the right size collection, after clicking, your passport number will go, then give the passport number, then the code will go to the number with which you registered, enter the code, click on it, then you will see that your vaccination car has arrived, then you will save it. Click then download it and see if you can download it

Through the app, you can see the vaccination card whenever you want. You can know when to vaccinate at home. You can save the vaccination at home. You can save it to anyone at home. You can't but sit at homeYou can do everything that you have and how you can see exactly when you will get the size. If you are not in the right place, then you can download this app and give the address of the new place where you are or where you have been. From any twoYou can survive through this if you think you have gone somewhere new, do you need to open the app and register according to that address, but you registered and registered sitting at home, no worries, you can get vaccinated, there are benefits, you can do whatever you wantWith you can see the vaccine house when you can see other people's addresses that don't need to be saved. Now you can save the exact size yourself. Today you can do everything online from home. But throughYou can check everything very easily, I can check everything.You can make your reservation through your passport from here

This app is a very useful app for you. Through this app you can easily store the vaccine card at home. You will be provided maximum security while using this app. Hope you like this app. If you like this app, please support us. thank you.

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