Recover Your Deleted Photos // Back Your Old Photos To Easy On Your Mobile

 We will introduce you to the best photo recovery app. The name of this app is DiskDigger photo recovery. You can easily find this app on google play store and download this app from there.

This app is very popular app. Around ten crore people around the world use this app. As soon as you enter this app, two options will appear in front of you. One option is: Search for delete photo. The other option is: Search for delete Video If you click on the search for delete photo option, your old deleted photos will appear in front of you. If you click on search for delete video option again, your old deleted videos will appear in front of You Clicking on any option will ask permission to use this app on your mobile. If you give permission to use this app you can use this app on your mobile. If you give permission then the option you clicked will be activated. Then your old photos or videos will start coming.

When all your old photos or videos are finished scanning and all the photos or videos are in front of you, the text scan complete will appear. From there, if you click on the three dots next to the photo or video you need, you can save that photo or video on your mobile. If you want to save all the images or videos, then click on the three dots icon at the top and press the Select All option, all the images or videos will be selected and you can save them all at once. By clicking on the three dots option, many options will appear in front of you. . If you click on the select this file locally option, it will ask you to select a folder. You can select any one folder as per your choice. Selecting this will show you an option called use this folder at the bottom. Clicking on this option will ask you permission to save this image on mobile. If you click on allow option you will see a text called recover complete. Anyone can easily save any old photo or video on their mobile with this app

Through the app you can save your old photos you deleted them years ago if you want to get them back then through this app but you can easily get back those photos through the app you think you have deleted any of yours but now your That If you need the video, you can easily download this video. You have deleted a picture that you need very much. Now you need it, so what do you do? Then you can download it by name without any worries. Can get a few Pictures Pictures from years ago but you can get the ones you deleted if you want to see them you seven up then you can see the pictures you like you saved and the ones you don't need you didn't save but in one way you give all That you don't Need You can see what you need. If any of your friends are worried that they have been deleted, they can easily download this app. You can tell them that you have downloaded this app. Required can bring back pictures or videos. If any important file of your office is deleted from your phone, you can't retrieve it from the option. Then what do you do? You can find me very easily through this app. Which of your videos do you really need now? Take and remember You If you have deleted a little, you can get those videos or pictures through the app. Through April, you can get any kind of pictures that you are deleting

Anyone can save their old photos or videos that they have deleted through the app. .But you can give them if you want the app to be very useful for you like if you need any pictures which you have deleted if you want to save them again then download the app through play store then you can save those pictures to phone Those are You Deleted from your phone.Through the app you find all the photos important or you need them but you have deleted those photos now you are worried how to get those photos then you call through Airtel you can get back the photos you had earlier you need through this app All You can see the pictures and save what you need. If you need a video and if you delete that video immediately and if you don't get the remove recently remove option, then you can get that video through this app. Songs as many videos as you Before Deleted image can be downloaded again if you want that it is not needed then what do you do but even if you don't download it, you can't download the unnecessary ones. You can click and download the one you like.

All in all this app is a very effective app. Anyone can easily save any old photos or videos with this app. You will be provided maximum security while using this app. Hope you like this app. If you like this app, please always support us.

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